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Why Choose Us

Our Services

At the Schultz Organization, we offer our services as a traditional General Contractor or as a Construction Manager. We specialize in tackling the difficult projects.  We view the construction process as one of problem solving.  Providing the necessary solutions comes from a thorough understanding of the details. Our understanding of the process and its inherent pitfalls has been sharpened by years of hard-learned experience.

Defining Our Approach

Allow us to distill 50-years of experience into eight simple steps:

  • Understanding your requirements
  • Providing a detailed analysis of the project, especially its constraints
  • Developing a relevant scope of work so that each contractor will know the full extent of his responsibilities and his risks
  • Budgeting the work
  • Offering Value Engineering alternatives
  • Creating realistic construction schedules that identify the interrelationships of all parties
  • Formalizing a plan of execution to construct the work
  • Executing the work

Interpreting Our Approach

  • We listen to you
  • We devote the time
  • We eliminate uncertainty
  • We understand costs
  • We offer choices
  • We tell you the truth, not what you want to hear
  • We plan before we act
  • We hit the ground running

Beyond the Hype

The next time a contractor tries to sell you using the familiar buzzwords of “On Time,” “On Budget,” and “On Schedule,” ask him a couple of questions.  Ask him how he intends to deal with a diminishing supply of skilled tradesmen to complete your fast track job.  Ask him how he will manage his “low bid” subcontractors who are marginal in performance and financially undercapitalized.  Ask him how he will avoid cost overruns when the drawings are incomplete and his contractors are demanding written change orders before they proceed with anymore work. Ask him how he will implement a job site safety program, or how he will handle a surprise OSHA inspection.  Ask him what he will do about the bureaucratic delays caused by an angry building inspector that could stall your project for days or even weeks?

Our Commitment to You

At the Schultz Organization, we dispense with the “bull,” and deal with the realities that are of concern to you.  We take a disciplined, no-nonsense approach to construction. We deliver on our promises, and we invite you to put us to the test.

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